The sheath heater is an electric heater with the metal pipe filled with highly-conductive spiral heating elements.The heating element at the center of pipe is effective even at high temperatures.Also, as the pipe is filled with highly-conductive powder, when the internal air is released under high pressure, pressure is maintained until the insulator is fixed. Then, the surface metal pipe, element and insulating power are combined to separate the element from the air so that the element is not oxidized, can withstand air combustion, and can be heated up to 800℃ where the pipe surface turns red.The sheath heater looks the same as ordinary heaters. However, highly-conductive insulators classified into 10 classes are used to maintain electro-insulation resistance.


Complete electro-insulation realizes effective thermal conductivity, convection, and radiation to reduce heat loss.
Stiffened insulators are sealed completely to provide better electro-insulation resistance and no current in the pipe removes the possibility of electric shock completely.
The internal structure is filled and pressurized for better heat conduction. As temperatures of the heating element are low, even when the heater is used in a vibrating place, there is no risk of disconnection.
The sheath heater can have any shape to realize uniform temperatures depending
on its shape and layout.Also, when it is used with the thermostat, it can provide better economic
efficiency with safety.As stainless steel and copper pipes can be coated for chemical and heat resistance, the sheath heater can be applied to various areas.


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